For Shalak’s son killed the old man, 4 people

Jaipurhat District Representative: Syed Ali Akand, an old farmer of Kalai Shikta, was killed by his son. The police alone have identified four people including Khulnakari brother-in-law Shikta Harunu’s elder.
The other accused are the same impersonated Village Police Sujan (23), Mostafizur Rahman 35 Amar Wajedul (and Nazir Hossain). According to the statement given by them, the police recovered the knife used in the murder, the title deeds of the stolen land and 62,500 rupees.
In the morning at 11:15 a.m., Superintendent of Police, Superintendent of Police Mohammad-Kolme informed reporters.
He told the news that Syed Ali described many formations. He always has a large amount of cash with him. His son-in-law same Haroon Haroon try to steal that money along with other accused in flexiload shop of local recidivist Nazir Hussain on the date of murder.
According to the discussion, they climbed the wall towards the house at 12 midnight and stole a bag containing two large amounts of cash and some documents against the old man’s intention. At that time, Sujan, accused of screaming, killed his vocal cords with a knife. Later, the accused shared the money and teamed up for the murders through digital technology technology guards.
After the law, the police recovered 62 thousand 500 cash from them, bag with documents and knife used for murder.
The Superintendent of Police claimed that the murder accused gave a self-incriminating statement in the court on Monday.
Incidentally, late last Thursday night, Kalai Shikta wealthy farmer Syed Ali was killed by miscreants and stole cash and land documents. The group did not release his son to police custody for preliminary interrogation. Later, when the next son-in-law Harunu’s objection was heard, he revealed the police incident…
The sender of the news is Niren Dash, Jaipurhat District Representative of BTC News. #

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