Utkorsho Signs Up for Huawei Cloud

PRESS RELEASE: Utkorsho, a sister concern of OnnoRokom Group, and Corporate Projukti Limited has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Huawei to accelerate the backend of the system faster and efficient by ensuring the up time of the system with container technology.
The signing ceremony took place at the Dhaka headquarter of Huawei South Asia recently where high official of both parties joined. Li Zhifang, Vice President, South Asia Cloud Business, Huawei; Abdul Hady, Head of Engineering & Technology, Utkorsho signed the MoU on behalf of their respective organizations.
Under this agreement, Huawei will provide a wide range of advanced Cloud services to Utkorsho, including Cloud Container Engine (CCE Cluster), Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), Elastic IP (EIP), Relation Databases Service (RDS) etc. In addition to bringing efficiency in Utkarsho’s operation, this solution will also help them to analyze all the data to grow their business with more effective strategies. This will enhance system scalability and reliability, ensuring seamless service access for customers. Leveraging advanced cloud technologies, Utkorsho can streamline operations, respond swiftly to customer demands, and analyze data for tailored offerings, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.
At the MoU signing ceremony, Li Zhifang, Huawei South Asia said, “Huawei’s commitment to enhancing cloud technology in Bangladesh is evident through its robust growth and popularity in the market. The company’s cloud services are being utilized by enterprises to meet a wide range of digital needs and benefiting leading local and multinational companies. I am confident that this agreement with Utkorsho will also add great value to their organization and bring smoother operation and exponential growth and Huawei will ensure the optimum service with our customer centric approach”.
Abdul Hady, Head of Engineering & Technology, Utkorsho, said, “In the EdTech scenario of Bangladesh, we are a renowned entity. We always look forward to improve our services. Cloud solutions boost operational efficiency in today’s business landscape. Thus, we have chosen Huawei’s globally pioneering cloud solutions for our organization. With these solutions we firmly believe Utkorsho will emerge as one of the most technologically advanced EdTech platforms in Bangladesh and the support of Huawei Cloud department’s local team will ensure the continuation of the service in the most efficient manner.
Besides Utkorsho, Huawei has previous collaborations with wing companies of OnnoRokom Group including Rokomari, TechShop, and Prohori. Currently Huawei has been serving more than 100 organizations with its cloud solutions in Bangladesh. Huawei Cloud also provide hybrid cloud solution to Gov, Telco & Large Groups to fulfill the requirement of on premise cloudification.
Huawei is leading the hybrid cloud market in Asia pacific region, ranking No.1 in 3 countries: Bangladesh, Thailand and Hong Kong and raking No.2 in 2 countries : Singapore and Malaysia according to Frost and Sullivan’s Emerging Asia-Pacific Hybrid Cloud Market Report 2022.
NEWS FROM Al Amin Hossain (Media Manager) Huawei South Asia. Dhaka. #

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