the next mother teresa in bangladesh anika tabassum actress

Dhaka correspondent: Actress Anika Tabassum is a professional artist she has worked in theater modeling, drama, web, film in her lifetime. she is only 20 years old but her phenomenal act just shocked by everyone .now a day we are watching that she is running a school for underprivileged Children and Street children, which is full free and only for underprivileged children’s education purpose. everyone shocked by her activities. she is giving these children by vocational training which is the humble thoughts.
Anika says, “everytime I wanted to be a good human being. For the poor children who don’t have opportunity to study and get in training. I want to give them a good purpose for their life, I am doing this from my childhood., I don’t want people say that I am Mother Teresa ,I just want to make underprivileged child into an educated life. I want to educate them and trained by technologically.please help me to do my work properly I just want to make my humble work into every corner of the world so that every street children can smile.
The sender of the news is Maruf Sarkar, Dhaka correspondent of BTC News . #  

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