Samchul Alam Dudu’ MP in Jaipurhat has a lot of development

 Jaipurhat District Representative: Around the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections, various speculations have already appeared among the ordinary voters from the tea shop to the road. Election discussions are going on everywhere, including haat-bazar. Joypurhat-1 Constituency consists of 2 Municipalities and 17 Unions of Joypurhat Sadar and Panchbibi Upazilas.
They are making various calculations including the demands of voters to hold fair and peaceful elections, acceptability of candidates, development of the area, building relations with grassroots workers.
Bangladesh Awami League-nominated boat symbol of Jaipurhat-1 Constituency three times current Member of Parliament, former District Awami League President and Alhaj Ad. He who wants to vote for the boat brand again through an interview with the newspaper reporter to continue the development process.
At this time Alhaj Ad. Samchul Alam MP Dudu-MP told reporters, “If the development that I have done in the area in the past year is put on the same level, and what the rest of the MPs have done on the same level, then I believe that I will be heavier than the Dudu MP.”
MP Dudu also told the reporter that we have made various developments including renovating the neglected rural townships in the remote areas, bringing electricity to the tribal villages, extensive development in the education sector, inaugurating the foundations of various educational institutions, building mosques and temples. So I have confidence in the people that the people will again vote for me by boat, he said.
The sender of the news is Niren Dash, Jaipurhat District Representative of BTC News. #

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