Good Nasal bacteria will make covid-19 cases less severe

kolkata (India) correspondent: A study by Pune-based National Centre for Cell Science and BJ Medical college has revealed that existing good bacteria in the Nasal environment of a covid-19 positive person can influence the severity of the infection.
Scientists say this could also explain why certain persons infected with SARS-COV-2 are asymptomatic-the concept being some what like good bacteria in the gut,help fighting infections.
The study also shows abundance of specific opportunistic pathogens in those infected with Covid-19, suggesting that the inflammatory environment caused by the infection causes an increase in bacteria pathogens that may result in secondary infection. “The increase in pathogenic bacteria in the Nasal microbiome (the micro-organisms in a particular environment) of covid-19 patients is due to the accumulation of mucus,
Known to favour the growth of these organisms,and hyper inflammatory environment (extensive inflammation in the body) that supports their growth”, said Avanish Sharma,scientist, NCCS, who led the study. “Reduction of good bacteria have a positive impact on the immune system,in the nasal region of covid-19 patients. This in turn causes opportunistic pathogens to colonize the site.
The study is significant as it can help determine how the virus actually promotes in increase in opportunistic pathogens,which may enhance the severity of other diseases. “

News being sent by BTC News (Bangladesh) kolkata (India) correspondent. Swapan Dev.

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